Company History

Shaurya is a leading security solutions provider since its inception in India in 1996. Right from it's inception till date, it has lived up to it's customers expectations and also unleashed potential areas in Security Services to deliver scaled services.

Conceptualization Stage (1996 1998)

Col. (Retd) R.K.Duggal, a first generation entrepreneur, conceptualized his dream of setting up a security services firm in a small city in India. He setup his 3 member team to give a shape to this, and finally they all bagged a small contract of 4 guards in a small bank in Northern India. It's was then that "Patna Ex-Servicemen" was born!

Expansion & Consolidation (1998 2005)

1997's saw the period of several security companies sprawling in India. With this, the completion, customer expectations and pressure on the Indian owned security companies increased substancially.

During this period, the company initiated several new measures in countering the new challenges and making a place for itself. Some of the initiatives taken were towards redefining the business model, re-engineering the organization, and building up a new team of skilled professionals by working on training, communication and customer-relation management areas.
2001 saw the re-birth "Shaurya".

2005 Onwards

Shaurya today has touched almost every sector where it can offer its services. It has strived to grow step-by-step by continuous learning and by understanding customer's expectations.

Today, Shaurya has over 30 satisfied customers across India right from Banking Sectors to Public Sectors.

Over the past 10 years, the company has been recognized as one of the fastest growing security services provider company in India, primarily known for its customer centric delivery.

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